REVIEW: Vice by Genevieve Jack



eryns-readingFirst of all, I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion. The author has not put me in a headlock or force fed me head cheese to ensure a positive review. Nope, I loved this book all on my own. I’ve only read a few fantasy style books in my time. It’s not my favorite genre, which is strange because I love fairy tales and stories about warrior princesses and finding true love. But I loved Vice. Laina was strong and independent, though bound by so many rules. Kyle was spicy and multi-faceted – and hello – gorgeous! Their story together was fun and steamy and suspenseful. I will definitely read more of Genevieve Jack and the continuing novels in the Fireborn Wolves Series.
Vice, by far, is the best fantasy – romance – suspense novel I’ve read in a long time. If this is your genre, give it a read, you will not be disappointed!